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Improve My World We are each on our own individual journey

We are each on our own individual journey

Posted on: 2nd January 2024

However different our backgrounds we always have a choice to make. These choices will determine the nature of our entire life experience. So choose wisely!

As we enter the New Year, it’s worth remembering that, whatever we face in life we always, always, have a choice!

That means that there is absolutely no value in trying to find others to take the blame for what happens to us, or regret our past, our inherited genes, the government, the weather or just our bad luck!

The quality of our life experience is entirely in our hands. We need to face life with an open-mind, the desire to learn and the resilience to persist in the face of adversity. We will then discover our true purpose and our journey will have real meaning.

To understand and learn more, read 'THE WAY: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times'.

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