Coaching by Improve My World

Improve My World Coaching

Personal One to One coaching

Our One-on-One coaching is designed to resolve issues related to:

  • Life/work balance
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Stress
  • Sleeplessness
  • Divorce
  • Depression
  • Finding Purpose
  • Changing careers

We analyse carefully with the client their true needs, establish clear and sustainable objectives and tailor the program accordingly. Each session lasts approximately one and a half hours.

Where applicable we will recommend the use of an EQ or other objective assessment test to provide us with detailed information based on the client's own feedback.

We appreciate that coaching can be a challenging experience and our coaches will make the process as smooth as possible. Clients will be shown how they can significantly develop and grow their personal qualities and achieve their ambitious goals. It is our task to enable this to happen effectively.

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Personal, One to one life coaching

We enable clients to understand themselves and their behaviours, discard what no longer serves them and unlock their true potential and purpose.

Personal, One to one life coaching

Tailor-made Group coaching

Group and team coaching are, by their nature, tailored to the needs of each group. This is achieved following detailed discussions and assessments to establish clear objectives and deliverables.

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Leaderhips counselling

Transformational Leadership coaching

Vernon has over 20 years experience as a CEO, Chairman and Board member of several National and International Companies. He co-founded a coaching company to help develop leadership skills. Vernon has helped people in all walks of life from very senior executives in a range of businesses to professions such as politics and sports.

Katey Lockwood has coached at the highest levels in sports and with celebrities. Katey helps clients understand the importance and necessity of good leadership and their responsibility in society, whatever their background. We all have a leadership responsibility as role-model, whether as parent, organiser, teacher, sports celebrity, public office or business executive.

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General support...

Help and advice Other Support Services

In addition to 'one to one' and leadership coaching, we provide additional services such as CV writing, introductions, networking advice and career management.

We also have a network of trusted professional advisers who can provide specific advice on, for example, the development of female leaders in the workplace, nutrition, fitness, yoga and meditation.

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