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The mission of Improve my world is to unlock human potential and boost emotional and psychological wellbeing, enabling life to be lived fully and completely, without stress, in wisdom and peace.

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Wellbeing coaching and courses - Imporve My World

Coaching and courses An exciting journey of self-discovery and personal growth

Our coaching and courses will lead you on a journey enabling you to understand yourself and your behaviours, discard what no longer serves you and open up new opportunities for personal development, growth and a balanced lifestyle.

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How to be stress free and live an enlightened life - Imporve My World

Our books How to live an enlightened, stress-free life

Our books will help you to find peace, balance and happiness even in the most turbulent and toxic times. Applying Eastern and Western philosophical and psychological wisdom, the books provide guidance and practical advice on living a better, happier, more fulfilled and stress-free life.

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Guided Meditations

Guided Meditations Find calm, serenity and peace

Guided Meditations, conceived and narrated by the authors and set to original music, deliver the message of The Way - a message of peace and serenity. These meditations uniquely combine Eastern philosophical concepts with modern hypno-therapeutic techniques to induce a deep sense of calm and relaxation and relieve stress.

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Hypnotherapy for anxiety, self-confidence, sleep and medial conditions - Imporve My World

Hypnotherapy Overcome a wide range of psychological and emotional issues

Using a range of tried and tested hypnotherapy practices we can offer patients a bespoke approach. Hypnotherapy can manage and treat a wide range of conditions including anxiety, self-confidence, sleep and a vast range of medial conditions.

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Improve My World Customer Reviews

Highly recommended!

Vernon and Katey unpack our deep-rooted everyday dilemmas … and point to concrete patterns of thought and action that we can take …

– Peter Dahlgren, Professor Emeritus, Sweden

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