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Our Mission

Improvemyworld unlocks human potential and boosts emotional wellbeing. It inspires enlightened leadership and enables Life to be lived fully, without stress or tension.

IMW produces books, videos, courses and coaching that enable the discovery of one’s true potential and purpose. At the same time, overall mental, emotional and psychological health are significantly enhanced.


We help people to see the world and ‘reality’ in a new, different way and to find ‘meaning’ and inner peace.


We publish books which are creatively designed to inform and educate readers to live a happier, healthier life.

Coaching & Courses

We provide both one-on-one, group coaching and courses designed to understand deeply the real needs of clients.
Co-founders of Improve my world


These videos support the books, courses and events that we have run and provide a flavour of what we teach.

Latest Articles, Blog Posts & News

The doors into the unknown but real world, can only be crossed by living ‘consciously’ rather than ‘compulsively’ and by radically shifting perception.

Living compulsively is living from ego, in fear, in blame, in desire, in despair, in tension, in time, in future expectation. It’s messy. It’s painful. It’s injurious to health...

27th April 2022

Most of us are far too busy to spend any time in silence, studying who we really are at the deepest level.

So we live rushed, frantic, stressful lives, in expectation of a ‘better’ future and the elusive ‘goodies’ that are at the end of the rainbow!

20th April 2022

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter and Passover weekend and to our Sikh and Hindu friends Happy Vaisakhi today!

Some people are living in appalling and tragic times. The Easter season is about re-birth and resurrection from ultimate personal sacrifice, oppression and cruelty to a better place. We pray especially for those who are suffering! May you find peace...

14th April 2022

I interviewed Vernon Sankey @improvingworlds, author of Toxicum: "Managing Toxic People". Vernon was CEO of an international corporation in the UK and became a non-executive director & chairman of several large & small international companies. #Leadership

Protect your freedom as well as your inner peace...
The Way: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times
Toxicum: Managing Toxic People

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