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The mission of is to provide relevant, well-researched, interesting and truthful information, knowledge and guidance to anyone and everyone wanting to understand better how to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled and more enlightened life.


We help people to see the world and ‘reality’ in a new, different way and to find ‘meaning’ and inner peace.


We publish books which are creatively designed to inform and educate readers to live a happier, healthier life.

Coaching & Courses

We provide both one-on-one, group coaching and courses designed to understand deeply the real needs of clients.


Creative, motivating, unique interactive events enable participants to learn skills and habits to live happier, healthier.

Motivational Quotes

“Are we human beings on a spiritual journey or spiritual beings on a human journey?”
“When you light a candle for someone else, it will also enlighten your path”
“There is no limit to what can be achieved if it doesn’t matter who gets the credit”
“The brave may not live forever but the over-cautious never live at all. Face your fears and you will overcome them”
“Time taken to creating alignment is time well spent”
“It is easy to be a great leader when things go well. Great leadership truly emerges when things go badly”

Latest Articles & News

Our mind is everything!

The mind is everything. What we give our attention to is what determines our future. We are what we think. We must be careful what we put our attention to, as it will end up controlling who we are, who we become, what we do, who we socialize with and everything that happens in our life. We should spend time 'observing' our thoughts and then consciously deciding whether they are serving or inhibiting us. This requires practice to 'disassociate' ourselves from our thinking. It will, though, change our life.

Vernon Sankey
31st January 2019

The Gift of Time and Undivided Attention

Time is a very precious commodity and should be used wisely and not wastefully. When you spend time with people or with any activity, give them your undivided attention. That is living in the 'now.' It is also the way to create good relationships, learn new skills and enjoy life.

Vernon Sankey
31st January 2019

Wise and compassionate words from Mother Teresa

Such wise and beautiful words from Mother Teresa. A message of Universal love and compassion .

Katey Lockwood
3rd November 2018

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