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Improve My World Have you given this post a read?

Have you given this post a read?

Posted on: 24th February 2022

"I pray for a kind, compassionate, joyful world in which humanity can live in peace.I pray for my friends, my family, my fellow human beings all over the world and wish them happiness and good health.

I pray for the end of fighting, killing, maiming which cannot achieve anything other than useless destruction, tears, pain and suffering.

I pray for the end of wars since, it seems so obvious, they can never have a ‘winner’.

I pray for the return of common sense, of maturity, of responsible and true leadership, for the benefit of those that are supposed to be served and not to satisfy the dark cravings of unbridled self-serving greed and power and illusionary ideas of grandeur.

I pray for a return of absolute love, which has no enemies and which is the only true way to finding peace, especially in these turbulent times!

But what do I know? I’m just a simple child! Please pray with me..."

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