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Improve My World Everything is a mirror.

Everything is a mirror.

Posted on: 15th September 2020

Everything is a mirror. All we perceive is a reflection from within and we are always only ever witnessing ourselves.

If we treat others with contempt, we reflect the scorn we have for ourselves.

If we damage the environment, we reflect our disrespect for ourselves.

If we fail to listen, we will not be heard.

If we see evil in others, we are reflecting our own inner fears and turmoil.

The enlightened mind is like a clear mirror. It understands that the ups and downs of life are really just scenes projected onto the screen of the mind. Each thought leads to the next...and the next and the next ... None of this is real, because life is impermanent.

The awakened mind is not complacent, arrogant or indifferent. It is open, gentle, accepting and compassionate. It is as still as a lake in the forest. From its place of peace and calm, it takes kinder, wiser decisions for the benefit of all ... It lacks nothing as it needs nothing ... it is truly free ...

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