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Improve My World Don’t get entangled in the toxicity of others

Don’t get entangled in the toxicity of others

Posted on: 15th December 2023

It is very easy if we are kind, compassionate and considerate and lack a little self-confidence to allow ourselves to get entangled in the toxicity of others.

Allowing them to take advantage, drain us of energy and deprive us of our happiness and freedom. It’s pretty horrible!

But the key word here is ‘allow’ No one, I repeat, no one has the right or ability to intimidate or take advantage of us…unless of course, we allow them to. But that is a choice. It is our choice to decide to learn to deal with this and live a happier life.

By developing our self-confidence we can truly understand and embrace who we really are, and by tapping into the infinite power that resides in us, a power that determines what to allow and what to reject.

This process is what ‘self-love’ really means - the discovery and appreciation of one's Self, with all its strengths and weaknesses.

When we realise this state of enlightened self-awareness, nothing can ever entangle us again and we will rid ourselves of the toxicity of others.

To understand these ideas better and learn how to achieve this, please read: Toxicum: Managing Toxic People.

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