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Blown Away - Living in the moment

Posted on: 2nd February 2024

We are very quick to analyse and label everything in our desire to find perfect understanding and control. This is a mind game with a big risk.

In the process of dissecting, we lose our spontaneity, our sense of awe and our connection, through heart, to higher consciousness, to the vital life force of spirit or ‘chi’ and to inner happiness.

This is not vague ‘spiritual’ chatter.

When we see something of great beauty, an outstanding scene, an act of kindness, human courage, true compassion and we are moved to the core of our soul, we experience something extraordinary. This is the energy of the universe. In that instant we are in the present moment. We are whole in the sense that mind, body and soul are united.

By cultivating our ability to see in wonder the amazing miracles that are around us all the time, we learn to be more ‘in the moment’ than out of it. At such times, there is no place for stress, anxiety, grasping or striving.

And therein lies the gateway to divine peace…

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