You are not free until you have no need to impress anybody.

Vernon Sankey By
30th August 2020

‘Liberation’ is freedom from the illusion of ego and the futility of grasping for its demands. It is the acceptance of the essence of who we are and a return to our ‘natural’ Self.

Ego craves recognition, power, being ‘right’, conflict, ever more external ‘things’, the trappings of ‘success’, the idea of being different and ‘superior’.

When there is no need to impress, no need to put on an act, no need to stress about justifying what we know to be false, no need to lie about who our ego says we are which we know, in our hearts, to be pure hypocrisy, then the overwhelming feeling is one of utter relief … inner peace … and freedom. This is ‘awakening’ to the truth … and to the only ‘reality’ that truly exists …

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