When we live in ego, tuned to radio ‘me’, we live on the surface of life and in an unreal world.

26th March 2022

When we live in ego, tuned to radio ‘me’, we live on the surface of life and in an unreal world.

Ego is a mind-game based on fear. It craves certainty and needs to know everything. This leads us to look outside of ourselves to resolve our feelings of incompleteness, disconnection and unhappiness.

Since the answers lie inside us and not outside, we’re looking the wrong way. As a result, there’s always something missing. It’s never enough. We’re in a state of permanent tension. We’re existing in a self-imposed prison!

To decondition from the grasping, needy, and anxiously limiting beliefs of ego and break open the doors of the cage, we have to tune in to radio ‘life’. Radio ‘Life’ is everything that is around us and in us…now. It is the spaciousness of the sky and the depth of the ocean. It is the transition from the mind game of ego to the heart game of Being. It is experiential and not intellectual! You have to get into the ocean to get wet!

As we look inside ourselves to find who we really are, we discover we are not our thoughts, nor our ego, nor the image we create about ourselves. As we reconnect to an intelligence that is far greater than we are and which embraces everything in love, we welcome everything that life has to offer.

Trusting in this universal energy, where there is no fear or need to know, we find beauty, simplicity, freedom and love.

In this spirit of open awareness and presence, there is nothing we cannot address. We have reconnected to Life. The dove, that symbol of eternal love, is free!

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