What is FEAR?

1st August 2021

What is FEAR?

Fear is all in the mind. It is a thought, an image created by the mind, an illusion and a delusion. And yet our mind can conjure up such vivid images of what ‘might’ happen, what ‘could’ happen, even what we think ‘is’ happening, that it triggers the body’s reactions and provokes ‘real’ physical sensations of sickness, dread, pain and suffering. The ego will do anything to protect itself.

It is also a tool of such effectiveness that it is used mercilessly by those who seek to control others. Create a state of abject fear, an impression of life and death, and then provide the solution. The desire to escape from this sensation of empty dread stimulates easy compliance from the unwary. How many dictatorships have applied this principle to persuade people to do the most monstrous things?

But fear is not always all bad. It warns us of danger and alerts us to the need for action and reaction. It alerts us to the machinations of the manipulators. It can awaken us to the truth. Addressed properly, it can bring us to our senses and galvanise us into worthy action.

To manage fear, tackle it head-on, don’t try to avoid it. Face it with fortitude and its venom fades. The ego cannot coexist with courage. Turn the sensation of dread into action, before it transforms itself into panic or passive quiescence.

And, of course: we should always remember the most important, which is that we are connected to a greater power, an eternal and infinite power, a power that transcends everything and renders fear laughable anyway…

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