‘What do you see’ Part 2

Vernon Sankey By
28th June 2020

This is the second part of yesterday’s post, which showed that there are 3 perspectives regarding what we may see when looking at the photo of the mountains and the river.

In the first mindset, we see mountains as mountains and a river as a river. We experience life as ‘separate’ and contained within our body, and can therefore only ‘see’ a world of localised, individualised, describable objects. They are ‘things’ and nothing more or less. We also assume that everyone else is separate too. So ‘me’ and ‘my’ and ‘you’ and ‘your’ are in competition. Ego predominates. In order to ‘succeed’ we must compete in a world of separateness, at the expense of another. We live in an essentially secular, scientific world of ‘form’ where a fact is a fact, and a mountain is a mountain. What else could it possibly be?

In the second mindset, we start to realise that we are all connected and interdependent. We are not separate: rather we are different but ‘inseparate’. We ‘see’ the unity of mind and body. We become aware that the world is not made up of just cold, hard facts, but a continuous process of experiences and events which are all related to each other. Every thought, feeling and emotion is reflected in every cell of our body and reflected throughout the universe. We are energetic beings sending and receiving vibrations. We are connected to each other and part of each other. We need each other. Ego has a much lesser hold on us. We are the ones who experience and observe and ‘see’ and can consciously decide what it is we are observing. Mountains are no longer mountains because they can be whatever our creative imagination wants them to be. They are part of universal intelligence, part of the beauty of life, part of who we are at a deeper level of awareness. The mountains are just a front for the valleys and higher peaks that lie behind, out of sight. Because we can perceive them as we will, without the constraints of labels, they are now much more than mere ‘words’ or physical concepts. They are no longer just mountains and a river.

In the third mindset, we go beyond the need to describe or classify, to impose any limits to our imagination, to be concerned by ego, needing, grasping, wanting. We do not feel superior to those that may not yet understand. We have no need of ‘boundaries’ because none exist. Our vision is totally clear and free of any external influences. We are fully awake and aware that our past cannot hurt us and our future is not important. We are not captive of our past, the opinions of others, the conditioning of our education or society. We live in our truth and are totally authentic in what we think, say and do. There is no need of ego because there is nothing to prove. We live much of life in the present and experience love, compassion, beauty, service to others, gratitude and awe in simplicity and humility. We are the field of awareness itself and have attained a state of ‘liberation’: liberation from a false sense of self; liberation from the need for ‘things’, liberation from judgment, opinion, anger, resentment, fear. We then realise that we had this freedom all along, peace was already ‘within’ us, it is our natural state, it is who we are at the deepest level, a microcosm of the macrocosm that is universal intelligence, or however we wish to describe that eternal light. We now ‘know’ the place from which we began and to which we will go … and what we see now are mountains and a river in their naked beauty and simplicity, just as they are … just as we are …

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