We spend too much time ‘Doing’ and too little just ‘Being’.

Vernon Sankey By
24th August 2020

We spend too much time ‘Doing’ and too little just ‘Being’. As a result, we fill the day with frantic activity, anxious about tomorrow, always trying to ‘get somewhere’ and fearful that something will go wrong: so we worry about that too …

Of course, it’s necessary to plan and organise and do the things we need to do. As long as we are not so controlled by this ‘grasping’ need that we lose all sense of proportion … and miss living Life altogether.

The journey is more important than the destination. The enjoyment and miracles all happen as we travel. A concert is enjoyed all the way through, not just in the finale!

If we fixate only on the next event, the next activity, the next port of call, we fail to Live in the only time that ever exists, the Eternal Now. Living in the present moment is effortless!

Life is a miracle and magical … but only if we allow it to be …

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