We create our own reality, every single day.

3rd November 2021

We create our own reality, every single day.

The world we experience is simply a reflection of what our mind sees, or rather, thinks it sees.

If it paints a picture of hope, acceptance, tolerance and love, that’s what it finds. If, on the other hand, it draws a scene of chaos, despair, helplessness and anger, that, too is what it is.

‘Tat tvam asi’ is Sanskrit for ‘Thou art that’ which means that our deepest identity is the divine spark within our own innermost being – ‘as I think I am’!

So take care of your self-talk. Do not let negative thoughts overwhelm you. Stay present. Stay in control.

You have the power to make your reality whatever you want it to be. Choose carefully. You are the artist of your life…Don’t hand the brush to anyone else…

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