We are all one … Only egos, beliefs and fears separate us.

Vernon Sankey By
13th July 2020

When we fail to understand the interrelatedness of everything, we are led to think that we, as ‘superior’ humans, have to dominate everything, even space.

With this thinking we have used the world’s resources unthinkingly until the air has become dangerously toxic, the seas dirty and dying, the land polluted, species eradicated, rare animals traded mercilessly bringing diseases and pandemics back to us. We are destroying the rainforest and trees, which act as the lungs of the world.

Sadly, we have extended this thinking to exerting power over other humans in other countries and continents, believing that entire populations need to be eliminated or subjugated, in the belief that we know what’s ‘right’ for us.

In the process of seeking to control, we are destroying ourselves and the future of our children.

We must change the way we think. Heaven and Earth are not two places, but one. Our only chance of saving ourselves from disease, conflict, war and annihilation is to realise this simple fact: we are all connected. We are all One.

Oneness is love. It is about nurturing all things and not asserting selfish dominion over our environment. It is about learning to control ego. It is about leading by example and putting others ahead. It is about respect, kindness, compassion and truth.

Is it really so hard?


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