‘Truth decay’ is the phrase of the moment, alongside ‘fake news.’

24th November 2020

‘Truth decay’ is the phrase of the moment, alongside ‘fake news.’ There is so much confusing and deliberately misleading information, exacerbated by an often lazy and self-serving media industry, that it is very difficult for anyone to separate truth from fiction and authenticity from lies. This, together with the ‘pandemic’ has created an environment of mistrust and fear, easy to exploit by the unscrupulous, greedy and unkind. And we ourselves are often equally, if inadvertently, complicit in only accepting the ‘truth’ that suits us.
When we look inside ourselves … deeply … humbly … patiently … honestly and when we ‘awaken’ to our own false sense of self and expose the work of our ego, we access the purity of our own soul and our own truth. Only then can we start to learn what truth truly is, which is an expression of absolute non-dual love.

And if it speaks in a way that we find uncomfortable, then we should heed it all the more …

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