This little person has it all right.

5th June 2021

This little person has it all right. She is not ‘against’ anything! She is simply telling a profound truth: that we are all one!

We are indeed all inter-connected and inter-dependent in a gigantic, infinite and immeasurable ecosystem. Our own body is an amazing micro-ecosystem. Billions of events are happening within it and without it every millisecond, most of which we are totally unaware of.

This extraordinary miracle is replicated in every body, every organism, every animal, every plant and every particle of life, every second. And we, collectively, are making it happen, albeit subconsciously.

In the same way, we are entirely responsible for creating our reality every day through our perceptions and emotional reactions. If we think we are ‘separate’, we become selfish and fearful of others and the world. If we see we are One, we become compassionate, responsible, kind, trusting in our own goodness and the power of that Universal Light of which we are an intrinsic part.

It is our responsibility to encourage and inspire this understanding across all people everywhere in the world…

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