‘The sound of the rain needs no translation’ Zen saying.

17th February 2021

‘The sound of the rain needs no translation’ Zen saying.

We have been conditioned to label everything, and to put names, values and judgments on what we think is important, mainly for the purpose of control.

But this also serves to divide. It creates the illusion that things are separate, with some things more important than others.

The idea of separate things is purely an abstraction, a mind construct. It may help us to understand individual elements but at the expense of missing the big picture.
In reality, everything is connected to everything else in a continuous, mutually interpenetrating ecological process. Our body is not separate from our environment. How can it possibly be? Our body ‘implies’ our environment just as our environment ‘implies’ our body. The two are inseparable. This also means that no single thing can be more important than another.

When we become aware of this, we realise that everything has equal importance and is equally beautiful and fascinating. The wonderfully soothing sound of the rain is as important as the most brilliant discovery ever made. No words are needed to appreciate this. ‘The sound of the rain needs no translation’.

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