The perfect man has no self; The spiritual man has no achievement; The sage has no name. – Chuang Tzu

Vernon Sankey By
4th August 2020

We are so busy frantically trying to ‘prove’ something, attain something, gain something, get somewhere, that we expend all our energy on wasteful activities and have none left to live Life. In our futile attempt to control all aspects of our existence, something which simply cannot be done (Covid19 has exposed this totally) we create anxiety, stress and suffering.

We then fill the resulting spiritual void with ‘things’, with unhealthy habits, with junk. We fill the spiritual void with food, encouraging obesity; with alcohol; with shopping; with video games; with social media…and many more obsessions and addictions, all of which destroy our soul, our happiness and our life.

Return to nature; to simplicity; to kindness: selflessness; compassion; generosity; acceptance; common sense aka wisdom.

Unencumbered by ‘needs’, ‘wants’, ‘grasping’, we discard anxiety and stress and rediscover our natural state, our inner peace …

Is it really so hard?

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