The ego is a fickle bird …

Vernon Sankey By
24th July 2020

Ego thrives on negativity, without which it ceases to exist. It needs conflict, it needs anger, it needs to complain, it needs to feel important and proud, it needs constant feeding … and it is never satisfied.

It invades its host like a virus because it is a virus of the psyche and will do anything to survive, rule and conquer.

And it’s here to stay. It is and always will be part of who we are as human beings. And if we allow it to overwhelm us, it will …

The only way to combat ego is to be aware of it, observe it, be a witness to its selfish antics and defeat it at its own game through enacting what it cannot abide or co-exist with; kindness, compassion, freedom, surrender, humility, patience, gratitude, awe, serenity, wisdom, acceptance and love.

This awareness is the ‘awakening’ to the false sense of self on the road to inner peace.

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