Stay centered, stay safe, stay well, find your own peace…

Vernon Sankey By
14th June 2020

It is easy and understandable that we may become anxious and fearful with the many storms that the world is facing right now. However, storms will always come…and they will also always go. That is life. That is what living entails.

Every wave has a trough, and every trough is followed by a wave. Our problems arise when we start to believe that life consists only of waves.
We have the capacity to stand in the centre of our own peace when we understand ‘duality’ – that waves and troughs are inseparable in the same way as fronts and backs, highs and lows, life and death – and that we are like a deep ocean.

The waves and storms, sunny periods and calm breezes will do all sorts of things on the surface, but, in the depths of who we truly are, we find our peace, which is eternal.
It is from this place of peace that we look at life differently and more calmly, take wiser, more balanced decisions, differentiate between what really matters and what is purely trivial…and rise above duality into the light and love of Oneness.

Stay centered, stay safe, stay well, find your own peace…


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