Society is governed by fear.

19th January 2022

Society is governed by fear. Fear of loss. Fear of not having enough. Fear of failure. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of ridicule. Because of fear, which is a function of ego seeking to control everything, we spend huge amounts of energy, not on seeking to do good, and to help and heal, but on trying to meet the expectations of others, conforming to society’s conditioning image of who we think we are or believe we should be or who everyone seems to want us to be. Chasing after such pointless illusions, which takes us away from who we really are behind this trembling facade, causes immense anxiety and suffering, to ourselves and to those around us. And in the process, we create our own prison and lose our power.

As Gurdjieff, the Russian philosopher said, ‘If you’re going to escape from prison, the first thing you must appreciate is that you are in one.’
Regaining our power and the key to our prison means taking responsibility for all our actions and for everything that happens to us. It means no more scapegoating. No more blaming others. No more projecting our inadequacies on others.

We then find that we are living Life again, surrendering to what we cannot control and taking responsibility for our actions. In the process, we become more compassionate, more accepting, more forgiving and more loving. This is taking back our power. This is singing our song out loud and seeing our friends join us in our Passionate journey of truth and light…

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