Seeing the progress of COVID-19 is like watching the Climate Crisis in fast forward!

Vernon Sankey By
27th May 2020

Seeing the progress of Covid19 is like watching the Climate Crisis in fast forward! Both crises are global. Both put the vulnerable and the poor at greater risk. Both are much too huge to be solved by countries on their own. Both require concerted, selfless collaboration on the part of governments and public alike. Both demand action, investment, support and sacrifice on an unprecedented scale. Covid19 has ‘forced’ a reduction in daily greenhouse gas emissions of around 20% in April compared to 2019, a reduction not seen for 75 years! Even if this was to continue, with all the negative effects that would have on the economy and jobs, there would still be some 80% more to do to achieve the Paris Agreement’s target on climate change temperature! That is the true scale of the problem! The negative effects of climate change may be slower than those of Covid19: but they will be much greater and last far longer!

Let us wake up fully to the lessons the Covid19 ‘opportunity’ are giving us about climate change! They are vital to the future wellbeing of our children and their children …

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