RIP Tiapuyama (aka Antonio Salvador)

Vernon Sankey By
13th June 2020

Tiapuyama (aka Antonio Salvador) died of Covid19 on April 30th. He was amongst the last of his Amazonian tribe, the Ocaina. He constantly reminded the world that the lungs of the world, the Amazon and the rainforest, were being systematically destroyed along with its tribes, its invaluable plant and animal species and its wisdom. This beautiful purifying filter for the world’s muck and filth is being poisoned by human greed and ignorance … and still is!

Nature is the interconnected life of all beings, from animals to plants, from human beings to fish. The bee is never without a flower, or the flower without a bee! They may be different but they are inseparable…Harm done to any aspect of nature is violence perpetrated on all Beings.

We are all connected and depend on each other … Tiapuyama knew this and sought to tell us and warn us …

Let us not waste his legacy and that of so many likeminded wise sages …

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