RIP Sir Sidney.

8th January 2022

“If the image one holds of one’s self contains elements that don’t square with reality, one is best advised to let go of them, however difficult that may be.” – Sidney Poitier

Understanding ego and its false sense of self means knowing ourselves at a deeper level. This opens the door to letting go what does not serve us and awakening to truth, freedom and love.

The wonderful Sidney Poitier’s life had more than its fair share of suffering through poverty, prejudice, rejection and resentment. Yet he remained a man of deep conviction: to honesty, kindness and compassion.

His acting was spellbinding, his presence breathtaking and the message of integrity and inclusion he transmitted was transformative. He helped to change attitudes and raised the consciousness of countless generations. The world moved.

He will forever be a role model to all, whatever their background, race, gender or preference. Would that the world were composed of more such inspirational human beings…

RIP Sir Sidney.

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