‘Renounce and Enjoy’

Vernon Sankey By
16th June 2020

‘Renounce and Enjoy’, three keywords from the Isha Upanishad.

What it means is that there is no happiness in ‘objects’ however much we stress to gain them.

We mistake happiness as coming from outside: a new job, car, house, purchase, partner …

Pure happiness comes from inside and from understanding the Self. ‘Renunciation’ means abandoning outside reflections and external ‘things’ for the truth of reality within, the only reality that actually exists. That is where ‘joy’ will be found … hence ‘Renounce and Enjoy!’

‘The Way: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times and The Stairway to Happiness’ provides ‘pointers’ to this wisdom and how to live a happier, more peaceful, more complete life.

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