Our friend MS posted this picture and marvelled at its beauty.

7th January 2021

Our friend MS posted this picture and marvelled at its beauty.

This tiny, incredibly alluring, brightly shining spec, in the immensity of an infinite universe, is our garden of Eden. It is our home along with all other life forms.

Because our planet is intrinsically connected to the universe, any changes will affect us. We are mutually dependent and our fragility is obvious.

So too are we, even more minuscule specs, interdependent and interconnected – with the universe, with our planet and with each other. Just as trees produce fruit, so the earth ‘peoples’ humans. We are part of the same ecosystem and mutually dependent. We are in effect One.

For a very short while, we have the gift of life and the privilege to enjoy this amazing bounty.

So why are we so divided? Why do we wantonly destroy nature on which we depend? Why are we so violent and cruel to each other? Where is the sense in this? We have enough for everyone if we choose to share sensibly?

The answer is that we have not evolved our thinking beyond the Bronze Age. Ego, which served us well when we were in survival mode against all the elements, now works against us, always wanting more, never being satisfied, acting in our own selfish interests at the expense of others.

Time to shift our thinking! Time to favour kindness and compassion over fear and envy, collaboration and sharing over hoarding and greed, gentleness and nurture over control and superiority. It can be done! It must be done! Do we really have a choice?…

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