Now, Now, Now …

25th September 2020

Time is a man-made construct. It doesn’t actually exist. It is a measurement, like meters and yards or longitude and latitude.

It is of course a very useful measure and we cannot live without it.

The problem, though, is that we allow it to dominate and dictate our lives. We allow the clock to rule everything. And, with the obsession to meeting its demands, we become anxious and stressed, depressed and paranoid.

What is even more problematic is that in our slavery to time, we totally fail to enjoy the only moment that actually exists and has ever existed, which is the present moment, right now. It is not possible to find calm in such a frenetic environment.

When we use the present moment to worry about the past or fear the future, we cease to live altogether … and become robots, marching to the tune of an illusory timetable …

Time to wake up and to learn how to manage time and to live life fully … in the present moment.

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