Neither here nor there!

13th September 2021

Neither here nor there!

With all that’s happening in the world today, it is easy to feel uncertain, unsettled and troubled.

Why do we seem to be living in such turbulent times? Why does it seem that there’s always something missing? That ‘if only’ this or that would happen, everything would be fine?
Our search for security is a desire for control and predictability. Such chronic anxiety stems from the futility of wanting what cannot be achieved linked to the absurdity of wasting energy on it.

The solution is to get out of our own way and accept ‘what is’. It’s easier done than said! Just be. Go within. Go with nature. Nature doesn’t fret, compare, expect, get paranoid, resent. Find your peace by being still. Be silent. ‘Let go’ by ‘accepting’ what you cannot change. Keep your power through recognising that you always have a choice. Focus on your power, your capacity to choose and the fact that you create your own reality. Always. Clear the clutter. Clarity will resume. Peace will arise spontaneously and effortlessly…

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