Nature teaches us many things.

12th February 2021

Nature teaches us many things. Here we see a beautiful demonstration of spontaneous, stress-free, natural collaboration at work!!

Little one fell out of the nest… Mom catches him and Dad hauls him back…(the brilliant photographer has captured a miraculous moment!)

These little birds do this effortlessly. Unselfconsciously. Their job is to protect and nurture their young. No ‘hang ups’. No ego. No fretting about the future. No worrying about what anyone else might think. Just living ‘now’.

The rigid conditioning of our upbringing, education and societal expectations tends to drive out our natural spontaneity, replacing it with mind-based, anxious and paralysing self-consciousness.

Let’s learn to regain our gentle and spontaneous nature, doing all that we have to do with ease, equanimity and a peaceful mind.
In the words of Lao Tzu: ‘The master does nothing; and leaves nothing undone.’

That is the essence of spontaneity, the ‘flow’ of nature and the key to inner peace and contentment…

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