Mother earth is a living organism too love, honour and respect.

8th October 2020

The universe is a gigantic energetic ecosystem in which everything is interrelated and interconnected. Buddhism describes this as the ‘doctrine of mutual interdependence’ and this idea is common to many philosophies, beliefs and religions going back thousands of years.

We cannot ‘go it alone’ in the mistaken belief that we are separate from nature and from everyone else. This ego derived selfishness is the cause of so many of humanity’s problems. If we think we’re different, we immediately seek more, become afraid of having less, see the world as inimically competitive, where we have to win, whatever the consequences.

This small-mindedness leads us inextricably to destroying the very environment, the very ecosystem that sustains us because it’s always ‘someone else’s problem’ and ‘I’m alright Jack!’ Such Bronze Age thinking is not compatible with the responsibilities that come with postmodern technology and our urgent and essential need to protect and reanimate the living organism that is Mother Earth.

Time to change our thinking and to help heal our earth, reduce meat consumption, stop deforestation, reforest, control fishing, reduce plastic usage, recycle more, reduce carbon emissions and footprints, develop and use wind, water, geothermal and solar power, revive the economy with projects and creative ideas with ecological benefits … and so much more …

It can be done!

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