Most of us don’t believe that life will ever get any better, so it doesn’t. Some believe it will continue to get better, so it does.

Vernon Sankey By
21st August 2020

In these troubled times, when the world seems to be in complete chaos and it is difficult to reconcile ourselves with what is happening, evil seems to be everywhere and it is easy to give up hope.

Perhaps we should remember at this time that we, ourselves, create our own perception and what we think becomes our ‘reality’.

The truth is that ‘good’ cannot exist without ‘bad’ any more than ‘up’ without ‘down’, ‘pleasure’ without ‘suffering’, ‘life’ without ‘death’. They are inextricably linked. If there was only pleasure, the word would not exist because there would be nothing to relate it to. Everything is relative.

This is not a fatalistic perspective implying that we cannot do anything about it.

On the contrary, understanding this reality allows us to approach life in a different way, recognising that it is up to us to create the world we want – our own, and the wider world. Despair and depression achieve nothing except a perpetuation of suffering.

Kindness, hope, a smile, tolerance, helping others and seeing the good that exists (and it does) sends positive energy waves into the universe for the good of all. And it does.
So yes, there are many unhappy things happening around the place that are extremely sad, and, whether we show it or not doesn’t alter how we will feel internally at times.

The solution, however, is not to give up and complain, but to concentrate on how we can, by thinking differently and more wisely, act with compassion and love for our sake and the wellbeing of the universe.

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