‘mal du siecle’ (a collective feeling of unhappiness!)

Vernon Sankey By
20th July 2020

Covid19, the fear of catching the virus, the anxiety about job losses, the worrying state of the world, the geopolitical turbulence, the growing sense of injustice and helplessness, the concern about climate change, the overall uncertainty about the future, are all creating a collective paranoia and a ‘mal du siecle’ (a collective feeling of unhappiness!)

There are many reasons for all these problems and there are ways to truly address them, both personally and collectively. Carl Jung explained the ‘synchronicity’ effect of all our current problems with our abandonment of nature and our obsession with material ‘things’.

If you would like to understand this better and discover a new way of thinking, which reflects the thoughts of Jung, Einstein and many of the sages of the past, please read The Way: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times available on Amazon at (US) and (UK)

The Way will open some doors. It is then up to you to step through them …

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