Life’s beautiful paradox: Once you learn to let go, you gain everything you were holding onto.

Vernon Sankey By
20th June 2020

There are so many paradoxes in life. Life itself is a paradox. Obsessively seeking material ‘things’ is abandoning what is truly valuable in life. Accepting death as part of existence is finding Life. Letting go is finding. Giving is receiving.

We condition our children to ‘conform’ to our desires and society yet we also ask them to be ‘themselves’, ‘spontaneous’ and ‘creative’. We ask people to be collaborative and team players yet we reward individually.

We try to control our life, others, the environment only to grow anxious and frustrated that we have set ourselves an impossible task. Covid19 will have shown the truth of this as there will not have been any plans that were not disrupted. How we react will have shown the extent to which we understand that life is impermanent. This should not be a cause of psychotic panic, paralysis or uncoordinated reaction but an opportunity for cooperative action, innovative development and positive change. All crises are opportunities!

In the final analysis, it is only unconditional, unselfish Love that brings the duality of these paradoxes to harmony and inner peace. Have a beautiful day and make someone smile …

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