Led by silence, I reach a place without me. ‘Explanation’

Vernon Sankey By
25th July 2020

When we rediscover, in silence, our inner place of peace, we begin to understand who we truly are and our relationship with others and the universe. In this dual world, we become observers and witnesses of our ego and start to let go.

As we go deeper, we realise the amazingly divine nature that surrounds us, the miracles that happen every day which we start to perceive. We appreciate the sanctity of silence, we lose our fear of what we do not know and cannot control, we move towards acceptance and surrender. Duality is moving towards Oneness.

When we go deeper still, we reach a place of universal love, in which all are connected and interrelated, which encompasses everything. This is Oneness and is ‘non-dual’. It has no opposites and is absolute. This is where the ‘I’ and ‘me’ are no longer relevant. And so, led by silence, we reach a place ‘without me’…

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