In a world where everyone wears a mask, it’s a privilege to see a soul.

Vernon Sankey By
19th August 2020

With Covid19 we are all wearing an external mask. It hides our face apart from our eyes. Does that make us more or less ‘transparent’ to others? Is our ‘persona’ more or less obvious?

The origin of the word persona, from which we derive the word personality, comes from the Latin meaning ‘a mask’. With this internal mask, we live out the illusion of our false sense of self every day. It is what we like to project to the outside world.

The eye is the window into the soul. Even with an external mask, our eyes are still visible and they are the most expressive part of our soul. They do not lie.

So, with the wearing of an external mask, are we more or less transparent? Is our persona more or less obvious?

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