I’ll be attending the openbusinesscouncil summit.

20th April 2021

This April 20-21, openbusinesscouncil will launch its inaugural global summit which aims to offer a road map of solutions and opportunities for businesses post COVID-19, highlight action plans and various government strategies on digital transformation and help identify how businesses and governments can work and collaborate in this new age of the fourth industrial revolution as cities move forward with Society 5.0. It will bring together over 20+ Government and Institutional leaders as well as 120+ Industry Experts. I am excited to be speaking alongside an esteemed group of panellists.

My theme is about the need to radically change the way we think in order to face the challenges of the present and future (stress, mental health, exclusion, ego-derived illusions, selfishness, greed etc.) and create a happier and healthier world for the future generations. At present we have post-modern technology of immense power with, regrettably, Bronze Age thinking. This has to change if we are to create a gentler, more caring and more effective world for all who inhabit it. We need a new sense of purpose and meaning. The overall level of consciousness has to rise if humanity is to thrive, let alone survive!

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