If it is destroyed, we too are destroyed!

6th October 2020

When we see photos of our planet from space, it is difficult not to be filled with a deep feeling of awe and amazement at this outstandingly beautiful, fragile, bright, lonely gem that is truly a garden of Eden.

And when we think of how we, as humans, seem to be doing everything we can to dim its brightness, darken its colour, pollute its oceans, destroy its trees and render extinct its animals, we are filled with a deep sense of sadness, helplessness, anger, incredulity at our selfish stupidity and greed.

Time to wake up! Time for us all to make changes to our own life and behaviour. Time to insist, as we surely can if we have the will to do so, that leaders, organisations, institutions and our fellow human beings, work together, with passion and determination, to save our beautiful world, for the sake of future generations. We depend on nature. We are interconnected with it. If it is destroyed, we too are destroyed!

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