I wanted to share this wonderful piece by Jane Brunette.

18th December 2021

Being all caught up in the fuss and fury of today’s frantic existence, when we spend such huge amounts of psychic energy on ‘attachments’ and matters that we cannot resolve and that simply leave us exhausted and demoralised, I wanted to share this wonderful piece by Jane Brunette.

It is a great antidote to stress and enhances our awareness of those awesome miracles that are all around us, all the time, and for which we can be immensely grateful…but that, sadly, we are often just ‘too ‘busy’ with ‘more important things’ to see…

Try this and see if it makes any difference to you and your perception of what is real…

‘For a few minutes at a time, instead of being the one who does the desiring, imagine instead that everything desires you: Your morning coffee really wants you to taste it; The trees are yearning for you to notice the bright green of their leaves; The breeze wants you to enjoy its soft touch on your cheek; Even the ground under your shoes is waiting for you to notice the lively sensation it creates as you walk. Suddenly, the world lights up—and so do you.’

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