‘I had to make you uncomfortable, otherwise you never would have moved.’ – Universe

Vernon Sankey By
1st June 2020

It is not enough just to be sympathetic and say the right thing. It is not enough not to be racist. It is not enough just to feel sorry for those who are disadvantaged. It is not enough to just complain about injustice.

What we have to do is ‘actively’ promote justice, freedom, equality, inclusiveness, acceptance. Not through violence, hate or anger, but by modelling the right behaviours, proactively working at changing processes, institutions practices and systems that are not just and in this way ‘fighting’ for a better world. We have to be totally intolerant of bad practices and not ‘walk by on the other side’. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr ‘, the great tragedy of our present condition is not so much the dreadful acts of the so-called bad people, but it is the appalling silence of the so-called good people’ …


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