I didn’t change. I just woke up.

Vernon Sankey By
14th August 2020

The yang and yin symbol in the picture represents the duality of life. Up and down, high and low, in and out, life and death, masculine and feminine, front and back and so on. These ‘opposites’ or ‘polarities’ are different in nature and seemingly opposite but they are in fact complementary, interdependent and interconnected. They cannot exist without each other. They are part of the same Oneness.

We ‘wake up’ when we understand and accept this basic premise and apply it in our life.

One of the greatest problems of our society is that we think the wave can exist without the trough, happiness can exist without sadness, life without death, wealth without poverty … We then, erroneously, see the ‘opposite’ as bad, undesirable, dangerous, evil rather than as the other side of the same coin. And so we fight, stress, get anxious and grasp for everlasting ‘happiness’ and ‘eternal’ life … in vain, of course … asleep in an elusive fairytale dream …

When we appreciate fully that each of us has all of the ‘opposites’ in us already and learn to embrace them and keep them in balance, we find we don’t so much change as ‘wake up’ to a very different and true reality …

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