He could be my grandson. He could be your son.

27th February 2022

He could be my grandson. He could be your son. He is a Ukrainian boy, whose home has been completely destroyed and his parents seriously wounded. He is utterly innocent as are the people of Ukraine, who want freedom from tyranny and the right to self-determination and peace!

Only the removal of Putin and his band of sycophantic psychopaths will change this. Gradual sanctions and weak appeasement will not work with someone who is totally caught up in the quasi-Messianic and illusionary mission of his sick mind. The free world cannot believe anything he says and should not. It eventually learned this with Hitler. Regrettably, Putin is no different!

How could any human being ever condone, let alone have started, the appalling atrocity being perpetrated in Ukraine.

Time for the Russian people themselves to decide whether they wish to condone this evil or rise up against the tyrant and enable Russia to rejoin humanity!

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