Had Enough … Off To Granny’s!

Vernon Sankey By
15th June 2020

Covid19 restrictions; self-isolation; social distancing; homeschooling; mum and dad doing their best but finding it hard to teach what they don’t understand; separation from friends; economic decline; violence in the streets; disharmony; death; is it any wonder that this little chap’s had enough and is going to granny’s?

We are surrounded and bombarded by an endless stream of bad news. And yes, there are unhappy and unfortunate things happening all the time. And lots to change.
What we need more than ever right now, is kindness, compassion, humility, non-violence, the willingness to listen, debate and change where necessary, the capacity to ‘see’ all the brilliant miracles that are happening every day, all around us, the ability to discern what matters from what doesn’t, to value nature, to value friendship, courage, the ability to laugh at ourselves when we make mistakes, to manage ego … in short, just decent, loving human beings …

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