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29th December 2021

George: ‘Wilfred, have you ever wondered who we really are, deep down?’

Wilfred: ‘Of course I have, George! Of course I have! What we see is just on the surface. There’s so much more when you dig down.’

George: ‘I know you as my close friend and someone I like being with. It’s so nice being here with you and Teddy and just looking at the trees and fields and all the little creatures flying around. You’re so much more than just Wilfred to me. So who do you think you really are, Wilf?’

Wilfred: ‘It is quite difficult to answer that, George. When I think about who I am and come up with ideas and suggestions, I keep discovering that I’m not any of them.
I’m not just my name, or just a son or a brother, or a schoolboy, or a friend, or a football fan. I’m not someone who’s just kind, or tough or clever. And I’m not just my body or a brain in a separate bag of skin either. I’m none of those things. And yet I feel I’m all of them at the same time, and a lot more besides. What do you think?’

George: ‘When I think about who I am, right now, Wilfred, in this quiet and special place, I feel I’m a part of something really gigantic and wonderful. I feel the trees and the skies and the stars are all part of this too. And all these creatures flying around. And you. And Teddy. And I feel we’re all connected to each other and to the whole world somehow. We’re not separate at all. How could we be when we cannot possibly live without all this ?’

Wilfred: ‘That’s so much how I feel too. We are the whole universe, George. We are what we see. And what we see is what we want to see. We make our own world because we are the world.’

George: ‘Have you spoken to your parents or Mrs Dancer at school about this, Wilfred?’

Wilfred: ‘Yes, I tried to. They just said I was a dreamer with my head in the skies, to get on with learning my times tables by heart and not to bother busy adults with such silly ideas.’

George: ‘Ah well! Maybe they’re right, Wilf: maybe they’re right. They do know so much more than we do. But they do sometimes get it wrong, don’t they?’

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