‘Excuse me, Sir. Where is the train to a better world?’

17th March 2022

‘Excuse me, Sir. Where is the train to a better world?’

Such a fair question at a time of immense turbulence and one doubtless being asked by many people.

In a world that seems unimaginably cruel and chaotic, wanting to find a better place makes total sense.

There is indeed a better place for everyone in the world: and no need to travel anywhere to find it! It is already here! Within us!
‘The kingdom of Heaven is within you’.

This is about embracing the idea that we are not ‘separate’ from each other and in competition, but interconnected and interdependent, in the same way as the waves of the ocean are inextricably connected to the sea.

Once we accept that:
‘I am he, as you are he, as you are me and we are all together’ (John Lennon)
then enmity, jealousy and resentment of others fall away (why would be want to hurt ourselves?) and is replaced by a sense of deep humility, gratitude and compassion.

With the right approach, we can access this place of calm and peace at any time, in any place and under any circumstances, however turbulent!
That is because this inner sanctuary is a place of Truth, Reality and Love which can never be threatened.
‘Nothing real can be threatened,
Nothing unreal exists.’ (A Course in Miracles)

We need to transition from ‘adolescent’, immature, ego-derived consciousness that is impressed by image, symbols and possessions, to a higher level of ‘mature’ consciousness, in which the ‘external’ physical trappings of ego are seen for what they are and are replaced by ‘internal’ values of beauty, simplicity and Love. This realisation is what possessed the sages of all time.

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