High Point University Conference and Workshop

Very privileged to have been asked to talk and hold a workshop and extensive Q & A session on The Stairway to Happiness and its key messages and philosophy to a very engaged and talented group of business students and faculty at the outstanding High Point University in North Carolina. This brilliant educational establishment teaches academic subjects and also, uniquely, ‘life skills’ which will equip its students to face real life with vital skills. The positive ethos of the university made it a pleasure for Joy Atkinson (whose son Jack is a student there) and me to speak about what we consider to be the key attributes for success in business life: being enthusiastic,; volunteering; doing more than asked; establishing strong values; developing a positive philosophy of life; caring deeply; being considerate; being resilient; being determined; listening ‘openly’: all elements explained in The Stairway to Happiness. Thank you to all, not least Jim and Chris, for their kindness and wonderful hospitality

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