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The Way Course is a step by step guide to putting essential life-affirming and stress-reducing concepts into practice. It offers the opportunity to re-examine the life we are leading, discard what no longer serves us and establish new healthier, more psychologically wholesome and sustainable habits. This course is life-changing, enabling the stresses of life to be managed and a state of peace and serenity to be discovered and enjoyed.

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This course is broken down into 8 modules:

  1. Oneness and Being Connected to Universal Intelligence – the ultimate stress-free state
  2. Attachment and Detachment – the cause of so much stress and suffering
  3. Acceptance, Surrender, Letting Go, Living Now’ – the road to recovery and wholeness
  4. Positive Thinking; Eliminating Negative Thinking and Judgment – continuing the journey to wholeness
  5. Forgiveness and Kindness – essential steps to finding inner peace and tranquillity
  6. Gratitude and Awe – rediscovering our true nature
  7. Stillness, Silence. Who am I? Self-Awareness and purpose – the journey to awakening
  8. Nirvana, Living Life in a New Way – re-awakening at last. Wholeness regained
Package Work book On-line Course 480 min coaching 720 min coaching Price
Bronze Yes Yes No No £499
Silver Yes Yes Yes No £1099
Gold Yes Yes No Yes £1399

A payment of £499 is required upfront for each course, followed, in the case of the silver course, by 3 payments of £200 and, for the gold course by 3 payments of £300 spread over the next 3 weeks.

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We enable clients to understand themselves and their behaviours, discard what no longer serves them and unlock their true potential and purpose.

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