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We offer two types of coaching, One on One and group or team coaching:

One on One

With One on One coaching we provide intensive sessions which are designed to allow us to understand, in depth, what the client truly wants and needs and what the outcome of the coaching will specifically achieve. This will be agreed early in order to establish timelines and the likely duration of the program.

Our coaching will help the client to establish, and then achieve, their best opportunities, given their experience, potential and ambition and their development requirements. This will be set against and harmonized with, amongst other approaches, the 6 basic needs for and tolerance of: Certainty/Security; Uncertainty/Variety; Significance/Recognition; Connection/ Human Contact; Growth (Material and Spiritual) and Contribution (Society and Spiritual).

Where applicable and available, Psychometric testing, 360 degree, Personality Profiles and similar reports should be provided to the coach. These may help speed up the process and will be useful as background only.

Although there will be one lead coach, it may be helpful, at times, to bring in a coach with different experiences. This is often very useful in contributing additional perspectives.

Coaching sessions will be held in an atmosphere of trust, will explore personal, business and other issues being faced, will be iterative, responsive and proactive and focus on areas where needs are clearly identified.

We appreciate that being coached can be a challenging and stretching experience and we will encourage the client to draw on and develop personal qualities and resources during the process.

It will also be an exciting journey of self-discovery that opens up new opportunities for personal development, growth, achievement and a better balanced lifestyle.


Group Coaching

Group coaching is, by its nature, bespoke and will be designed and tailor-made specifically to and for each group. The coach will often take on the role of ‘facilitator’ for specific sessions, depending entirely on the context.

As with One on One coaching, a clear understanding of desires, needs and outcomes is mandatory and will be undertaken early on in the process, when timelines and modus operandi will also be agreed.

Other Support

Together with One on One coaching sessions, support for the client may include telephone conversations, CV preparation, help with presentations, advice on networking and career management. If externally generated ‘assessment’ tools are required, these will always be agreed with the client first.


Coaching relationships are based on mutual trust. For coaching to work well and smoothly, discussions held, and information shared will be treated in confidence. It is vital for all to be confident in the security of the coaching relationship.

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