TOXICUM: Managing Toxic People

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The world today is experiencing an epidemic of stress, and the greatest cause of stress comes from toxic situations and toxic people.

Toxicity comes in many forms, from overtly aggressive to subtly manipulative and from mildly controlling to wildly narcissistic. Toxic people are found in all walks of life, from the boardroom to the bedroom and the playing field to the coffee shop.

Toxicum: Managing Toxic People explores in depth the psychology of toxicity. Critically, it reveals how to free ourselves from our own toxicity as well as to manage the toxicity of others.

This book provides detailed but simple-to-follow strategies for dealing with the different forms of toxicity we encounter. The final part demonstrates the use of these strategies through real-life case studies.

If you want to learn to manage toxicity and live a happier and more peaceful life with less drama and stress, Toxicum: Managing Toxic People is the book for you.

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Watch an introduction to TOXICUM: Managing Toxic People, provided by authors Vernon Sankey and Katey Lockwood.

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Book Endorsements

“Highly readable and well-written book”

“Toxicum is a highly readable and well-written book, with an abundance of good, practical advice … I strongly recommend Toxicum to anyone wanting to free themselves from the suffering and stress that toxic people create.”

Lynn S. Paine, John G. McLean Professor and Senior Associate Dean for International Development at Harvard Business School

“A ‘must read”

Toxicum explains the origin and impact of ‘toxicity’ and provides detailed practical strategies for dealing with its many manifestations. The case studies, drawn from real life, illustrate how to apply these effectively every day.

‘A ‘must read’ for anyone wanting to manage toxicity and restore peace and balance to their life’

Joy Atkinson, President and CEO of Presperse Inc, USA

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