The Way: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times

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Are you anxious about the chaotic state of the world? Are you fearful about the kind of society we’re creating for our children? Do you feel powerless in the face of overwhelming issues? Despite all efforts, does something always seem to be missing?

Only when we look deeply into who we really are can we discover what lies at the heart of our discontent.

The Way will help you find answers to these difficult questions and to live Life in purpose, peace and harmony.

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The Way
“Katey and Vernon’s book offers much wisdom along with practical advice. I’m going to start with accepting what is and learning to let go.”

Check out a full review by blogger of ‘A Writer of History’ M.K. Tod of ‘The Way: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times’.

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Book Endorsements

”Provocative, enlightening, and highly readable, The Way provides a unique perspective on our troubled times.”

Lynn S. Paine, John MG. McLean Professor and Senior Associate Dean for International Development at Harvard Business School

“Sankey and Lockwood … unpack deep-rooted everyday dilemmas … and point to concrete patterns of thought and action that we can take … Highly recommended.”

Peter Dahlgren, Professor emeritus, Sweden

“Vernon Sankey (1968) has published, Katey Lockwood, The Way: Finding Peace in Turbulent Times (Improve Your Word Publishers, 2019). This spiritual self-awareness book aims to help readers identify and deal with negative thoughts, fears and anxieties to change their way of thinking so they can improve the world around them. It borrows from the teachings of Buddhism, Taoism, and other religions, as well as the authors’ experiences in mentoring and coaching. The book takes the reader Through the seven key learnings of inner peace; it then explains the laws of the universe, before going on to propose some solutions for the problems the plague humanity.”

Oriel Record Oxford 2020

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