The Stairway to Happiness (Chinese Edition).

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The Stairway to Happiness examines what happiness really is, the different levels of intensity that can be attained and the techniques and methods that can be applied to achieve happiness for oneself, one’s loved ones and for anyone else.

The book combines philosophy, cognitive psychology and spirituality to explain the five key steps of the journey. The potential pitfalls and hazards along the way are considered and practical solutions are proposed, based on sound cognitive psychology principles, common sense and over twenty years of experience. Many examples and anecdotes are provided to aid understanding. There are a number of quotations from eminent personalities whose wisdom has also been tapped.

The last section, the Happiness of Harmony, moves the reader onto the highest step and addresses current more spiritual concerns about life, our world and its future.

The material is as relevant to parents and young adults as it is to business executives and to any enlightened reader who wants to grow personally, help others and live a successful, harmonious and happy life.

Interview with the Author

Katey Lockwood interviews author Vernon Sankey about his book ‘The Stairway to Happiness’, and what inspired him to write it.

About the author

Book Endorsements

“A joy to read”

“If asked, most of us would say we want to be happy. Ask parents what they want for their children and the word ‘happy’ always comes up. Being happy is actually quite another matter from wanting to be happy. This fabulous book breaks down the various stages of happiness, making it much easier to understand the different levels and depths of happiness and how to attain them. It also shows how, paradoxically, the best way to be happy is not to seek it for oneself, which is an act of selfishness, but to bring happiness into the lives of others. Understanding how to do this and making a difference to the lives of our families, friends, children, co-workers and even strangers, is the purpose of this book. I found it a joy to read and would recommend it to anyone searching for meaning in their life and it’s a must for anyone involved with adults’ and children’s wellbeing.”

Claire Howell, Chief Executive and senior executive coach of REDCO. Ltd

“Inspiring piece of work”

“The Stairway to Happiness is a fascinating, stimulating and inspiring piece of work. I read it all the way through until I finished it at 2 am! The path of self-discovery within this book is a reminder of what is important, what really matters and what is worthy. It also provides an explanation of what happiness actually comprises and guidance on what to do about achieving it for oneself and for others. This is a ‘must read’ for those with curiosity of mind and the courage to ask ‘why?'”

Martin Hatcher, Former Executive Chairman, Scansource Communications Limited and MTV Telecoms

“A thoughtful and valuable guide”

“The Stairway to Happiness is a thoughtful and valuable guide for those of us who want to understand what constitutes happiness in life, how this can be accomplished and how to help others. It is a sophisticated and wise book that combines insights from age-old Greek philosophy with contemporary scientific and psychological knowledge as well as practical advice with day-to-day examples. It also includes spiritual reflections to round off a very enjoyable read. It is a very accessible book that I look forward to sharing and discussing with many of my personal and professional friends.”

Debbie Jaarsma, Professor Innovation and Research in Medical Education, University Medical Centre, Groningen, Netherlands

“Packed with practical advice”

“Wise, insightful and packed with practical advice, The Stairway to Happiness has the potential to transform many lives for the better. It is unusual to find a book on a deep subject such as this which is easy to read and very accessible. I enjoyed reading it a lot and will keep it close at hand.”

Wei Huang, Independent investor and strategist, Shanghai, China


“This is a ‘must-read’ for anyone who has children and loved ones or, like many of us, has lived a life faced with challenges. Vernon shows us grace, acceptance, love and the stairway to a beautiful, fulfilling and happy life. We will all continue to face challenges in our lives, but with The Stairway to Happiness as our guide, we will come out stronger and better on the other side.”

Joy Atkinson, President, Firmenich Body Home Care North America, USA

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